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Harvest Season, Grow Site Bears Fruit

It's been a loooong Christmas Break, hasn't it? With the pressure of the Major Project Proposal and Grow Project hovering over our heads I imagine that many people, myself included, have been really feeling the stress of things.

Fortunately I and, from what I've been seeing on the twitters, many other IMD students are finally bringing things to a close. Today I'm going to be going over the design process I've undertaken with regards to the Grow Community Gardens Site.

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WordPress Snippits I Find Useful

Now that I'm back online after the dreaded internet outage of twenty ten, I thought I'd share a couple of little bits of WordPress related Code that I've stumbled across, tweaked or coded up myself to make WordPress behave exactly how I want it to.

I'm not sure if anyone will find them useful or not, but I don't see any point in keeping little bits of code to myself when they might help someone else out.

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Planting the Seed (Logo Design)

When it comes to a new company, charity, or organisation one of the most important aspects to get right is the brand.

In my last post on the Grow Project I covered some of the idea generation that took place when trying to come up with a logo idea for Grow Community Gardens. Today's post follows on from this one.

This time we'll be going a bit further and, with the recent return of my Macbook Pro from the Apple Store, creating a more complete brand.

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The Importance of Planning

Week 12 is both a fantastic and stressful time for me as a student. Fantastic because it marks the end of a semester, which has had some rather unenjoyable work involved in it. Stressful because it's the final week of the module, which means it's crunch time when it comes to getting work done.

You'd think that would be enough for any student on the course. UnFortunately, I'm a glutton for punishment I love a challenge so, in addition to coursework deadlines, I was also putting the finishing touches on a client project. Fortunately, I work well under stress and am, for the most part, quite good with managing my time.

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Making Things GROW

After my last couple of posts, in which I covered our Design Brief and showed off some of the research I've done I've taken some time to sit down and sketch out a series of ideas, for both the logo and site design.

I've been somewhat fortunate in that my ideas for things have come together quite swiftly, which is a first for me.

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GROW - Project Research

Following on from my previous post I'm going to take be doing some research into sites that are in a similar area as GROW, as well as some sites from other areas to help me identify what, in my opinion, GROW's branding would benefit from.

This research will help me identify a good starting point for creating the branding for the charity, as opposed to creating something with no substance.

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GROW - Project Brief

This week marks the beginning of further distraction from the Major Project the Live Project. I'm kind of split on the whole idea of it, as it serves as a fantastic way to distract me from my Major Project but, at the same time, is for a very good cause.

This post is going to cover what I took away from our first, and potentially only, meeting with Siobhan Craig who is a representative from the client, GROW Community Gardening Charity.

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Getting it ON (the Screen)

Over the past few weeks I've been spending a lot of time doing two things:

  1. Sketching ideas on paper
  2. Writing about various things that have entered my head

As you can see, this doesn't actually afford a whole lot of time to do my work. This is something that I'm going to be working to rectify over the coming weeks, which might mean a temporary end to my random topics of discussion. So what will I be doing? Well, today I'll be looking at conversing some of my sketches into an actual wireframe.

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Lost in Translation

There are a lot of good things out there to look at regarding web design. If there weren't, then why would we even be doing it? Unfortunately, there are also a lot of things out there that aren't so great.

I'm not talking about design or development, though there are examples of both out there that make me cry. I'm talking about the methods used in selling some things. In particular I'm looking at buzzwords and how they are, far too often, used to make things look better than they really are.

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This week, as I'm sure many of you are aware, was the week of #buildconf, a fantastic conference put on by Andy McMillan. I was one of several students able to attend and, I won't lie to you, it was pretty fantastic. One of the speakers, the famous Dan Cederholm, covered an amusing way to add more "pop" to a website, using some of the shiny new CSS3 gubbins. The video below demonstrates what he recommends.

I'm thinking I might fire that CSS live for April fools.

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