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Working with some JavaScript

On Friday I was chatting with Tim about the ideas I've had with regards to my Major Project. Of the three ideas I had we agreed that there are two that have the potential to make for good Major Projects. You can check out my post about my ideas here. The two ideas that we both thought had the potential to be turned into Major Projects were the first two, my online video conversion/hosting package and the idea for a WebApp for quoting and referencing things.

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This could be EPIC

So it looks like I'm back for another year of hard work, drinking excess amounts of coffee, producing designs and developing code. This week's work is probably going to be a little bit sparse, as I'm still getting settled into the way of uni life, as well as working to finish off my last piece of client work before I dedicate myself more fully to producing high quality work. Watch this space folks, things will be picking up around here shortly.

This first week has dropped pretty much all of the final year students straight into the thick of things, both in this module and in others. So what are we looking at in terms of work for the 511 module? The ultimate goal for this year is to produce an awe inspiring Major Project. This week, we had to come up with possible ideas for our Major Project.

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