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Getting my Brand on

I've been working on all sorts of paper based sketching, tweaking various other projects and generally being very busy. I decided that whilst it can be good to be busy, juggling a dozen different things meant that I've been spending more time juggling things than I've been able to spend actually doing anything. So I decided that I'd dedicate as much of my Saturday as I could to working on something regarding my Major Project... in particular my brand.

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Playing with Paper

Producing a site takes more than just a mass of images and code put together in a browser. There are processes that people use to get from an idea to a finished product. None of them are wrong, and I can guarantee you that almost everyone has their own approach to getting from A to B. Today I'm going to take a look at what I've come up with.

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Getting to Grips with the Grid

This week the Standardistas covered several aspects that are important when it comes to design in general, be it in print or the web. Those three aspects are:

  • Careful usage of a grid
  • Typography
  • Colour Palette

Today I'm going to focus on the first of these three, looking at various grid systems that are available out there, and sharing some of the little things I've taken a look at and worked on myself.

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Picking a Framework

I'll be honest folks, I don't know where in the hell the last few weeks have gone. So many different projects to juggle, both in and out of IMD, keeping them all organised seems to be taking up so much time that it doesn't leave any time for actually doing anything.

Today that's changing. Today I'm going to be, briefly, covering my decision with regards to some of the more technical aspects of my Major Project, in particular looking at which PHP framework I'm going to be using.

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Idea Generation

In my last post I was speaking (ranting maybe?) about how important idea generation is, and going over some of the tools that are available to people to help kick off the whole idea generation side of things. Given how important it is to sit down and think things through it's only reasonable that I sit down and take my own advice, and today's post is going to be following my progress with it.

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Organised Chaos

So much to do, so little time to actually do it in. Twelve weeks may look like a long time when you see it on a calendar but, when you're in the thick of it... not so much. I feel like I should be pushing forward with my project more than I have been to date. As a result that's exactly what I'm going to do, step up the pace with my Logs, and actually start adding content into the other modules.

Most of that is irrelevant to this post though. Today I'm here to talk about ideas and, more specifically, idea generation.

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Making the Leap

Spent some time doing some research into domain names this week for my referencing WebApp. As you can imagine there are already quite a few domains already being taken.

The problem with referencing related domains...
The problem with referencing related domains is that the vast majority of the ones you'll want are already taken.

Fortunately I, just this morning whilst waiting for Tim to work down his list of people, found a domain that wasn't taken. http://referenceit.co in particular was the domain that I stumbled upon and noted it down as something that I wanted to talk about with Tim.

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Doing a little Research

I mentioned in my last post that I had done conducted some research into already existing quoting/referencing tools out there. As a student I've used many and some of them are fantastic little tools (note that I'm not saying this because some are designed my IMD Students). Today's post is going to be taking a little look at some of the common elements of these places and what I think could be improved in my iteration of this field. I'll also be taking a look at some other sites that, whilst unrelated to my project, provide some interesting ideas that I feel could be implemented in my project to make it as effective as possible.

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Having a Plan

Major projects are rather a lot of work. Whilst I'm sure that everyone reading this is already well aware of the truth behind this statement. When it comes to dealing with a lot of work, there is one thing that stands out as being highly important. Having a plan. This post is going to outline the thoughts I've had regarding this and to help me organise my thoughts to come up with a plan of attack for my project.

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Decision Time

Last week I wrote a quick little post about having two options that I was going to experiment with, to see which of my two ideas would be a best fit for me. (Un)fortunately for me, this decision was made quite swiftly for me, as I was unable to get some required pieces of the puzzle that would make experimentation possible.

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