My University Stuff

This page is the home page for my University Work. At this stage I have completed three modules, two of which required me to put content onto this site, my Learning Log. I'm sure that, in the upcoming semester I shall be adding additional modules to this section of my site.

So what all have I Studied?

So far I've completed three of the modules for my course. Below is a list of the different units that I have content for. I am sure that this will be added to over the next eighteen months.

  • COM311

    COM311, aka Dynamic Web Authoring, covered the basics of Web Design, making use of XHTML and educating people in how to make use of JavaScript to help enhance a site design. We were provided with the opportunity to display our skills with XHTML and javaScript in our final project, which was undertaken in groups and was themed around healthy living.

  • DES311

    DES311, aka Information Design, covered a wide range of aspects that make up design. Over the course of this module people learned more about XHTML as well as CSS. In addition to this we were able to display our own creative flair, create branding for ourselves and, finally, we were tasked with creating a portfolio design for our work, which you see before you.