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Well it looks like you've got something that you'd like to say to me. Sweet! I do rather enjoy meeting new people and chatting with them. It's why I put this page together to let people like you get in touch.

So, whenever you're ready, work your way through the form and before you know it I'll have an email sitting in my inbox for me to read and reply to.

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Thanks for the interest!

Thanks for taking an interest in my work. This is the point where, on my own domain you would be sending a pretty little message on towards me, or getting told you'd done something wrong.

Unfortunately, due to the necessity of hosting my work here for multiple valid reasons, and x-domain browser security preventing me from using the resources there for all sorts of technical reasons, you are stuck with this message. At least you know that something has happened, right?

If you're genuinely interested in contacting me though, feel free to contact me directly (don't worry, your message will appear when you click the link). I apologise for the circular route that contacting me currently takes, but without certain technologies available to me this is the only actual contact route I can offer.

Due to a technical fault on our end this form doesn't seem to be functioning. Please rest assured that our coffee fuelled coder (aka me) is working on getting this fixed, just for you. If you could try contacting me again a bit later, it'd be appreciated.

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