David Turner

JavaScript Text Selection Demo

Referencing external sites is an important aspect of what I want to do for my Major Project. The easiest way that I have identified for handling this cross-browser, is to make use of a JavaScript Bookmarklet.

This demo exists as an example of how some elements of the site can be quite easily collected using simple JavaScript.

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Header Level 2

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Header Level 3

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    #header h1 a { 
        display: block; 
        width: 300px; 
        height: 80px; 

What to Expect

This is used as a demo to show cross browser text collection. Select some text, click the link below, and you should get some popups telling you:

  1. Text Selected
  2. Current Page URL
  3. Current Date/Time

These are set up as JavaScript Alerts purely for ease of demonstration of what I'm working on. If I develop it further I will be using it in less... annoying... methods.

Make the Magic Happen


  1. Code Example by Willy Duitt over on Coding Forums. Whilst his post is pretty old (dating from 2004) it proved relevant in making text selection work in our old friend Internet Explorer, which seems to be about as old as time itself.
  2. HTML-Ipsum by Chris Coyier for the sample text.
  3. Markdownify by Milian Wolff for letting me be lazy in terms of converting HTML-Ipsum into Markdown.