Mind Map & Project Treatment Visuals

Brain Storming & Mindmapping

Brain Storming & Mindmapping

As a part of the lecture on Friday, we undertook a quick individual Brainstorming Session, followed up by a Mind Mapping Exercise to help arrange our thoughts. The above is the result of this. A neatened up version of this can be viewed below.


Project Treatment Visuals (Mood Board)

The following are a selection of images that I have uncovered whilst looking into racism. They're assembled in a very simplistic mood board, and cover a range of areas and approaches to racism.

Mood Board

Individual images used to make up this Mood board can be viewed on my Image Spark account.

Design Approaches

One of the things that was covered during Friday's lecture was the topic of working out what kind of approach to take with reference to the design of a project. This was broken down into a total of five different sections. Whilst not a true part of this week's homework assignment, I thought it would be suitable to include it.

Identify style/approach/atmosphere

  • Controversial
  • Serious

Consider the media categories/types/genre

  • Academic
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Informative

Pinpoint suitable 'delivery' systems

  • Web site
  • Web App?

Identify psychological appeal/message

  • Acceptance
  • Emotional/Repulsive (with regards to Racism)
  • Shock
  • Power
  • Recognition

Refer to aesthetic considerations

  • Proportion
  • Proximity
  • Alignment
  • Contrast
  • Impact
  • Feel
  • Colour
  • Simplification

Update: I was talking with some of my friends about stuff this week, which reminded me of an image that would be highly appropriate to this homework. Whilst it was due last week, I am adding the following image.

Mitchell Corn Palace - 1907