Design Brief - Show Racism the Red Card


Show Racism the Red Card is a group set up in the UK and Ireland. In particular I will be focusing on the Irish site,, as they want the site designed.

Current Situation

Show Racism the Red Card (Ireland) is currently primarily focused on schools and the education, between the ages of 10 and 14. They have had great success with their educational packs.

Whilst they have an online presence, via a web site and various social media, including Twitter and Facebook, their online presence doesn't have much impact and, as a consequence, their site is aimed more at providing information to visitors. This is something they would like to improve upon.


Their current site makes use of a Content Management System, called Wordpress. This provides them the capability to modify and add content to the site. This allows for a great flexibility in terms of content.

This is something I think should be used more with the site, alongside a new design to make the site more visually appealing to visitors. This design could also be used for the Northern Irish site that they are also considering launching.

Target Audience

Their Educational Pack is aimed primarily at the education of people between the ages of 10 and 14. This has worked very well and they want this success to be carried over onto the site, with students accessing their site for more information. In addition to this they want the staff in schools accessing the site to gather additional information for classes.

They also want the site to have a section to report racist incidents so that they can prove it isn't something that can be ignored. This, to me, suggests, that they also want the site to have a broader appeal.


  • Increase site popularity
  • More Downloads
  • More Reports
  • Site Redesign
  • Better use of Social Media


Week 14 of Semester 2

Feedback from My Group

Last Friday we, as a group, met up and discussed each other's Design Brief Writeups. Unfortunately Chris was unable to make the class, but we had a copy of his work and as such were able to provide feedback. He was also kind enough to provide us with feedback for our written pieces, which we had emailed each other the day before.

Feedback from Des

  • Don't start with summary
  • Teachers are target audience
  • Proposal is good, mentions CMS
  • Definitely agree with goals
Feedback from Des Shearer

I was, at first, confused by what Des had meant with the first point. He explained that he found the title I had used to be confusing, and that I should change it. Overall I found his feedback to be mostly positive.

Feedback from Chris

Everything seems very to the point and professional, although, elaborate a bit more on your Proposal on Design Methods, and Project Goals is a bit limited, I know you can be more informative.

Feedback from Chris Grant

The feedback Chris provided me with is complimentary, on the whole, but there is a "but" to his feedback. In particular that my Proposal and Goals are rather limited. This is something that I can agree with. From the time that my group had with the client, we failed to ask any questions that would really pry details from him with regards to the design of the site. As such I am hoping that, for the team brief, we can combine our work to produce a more in-depth piece, and also gather more information from the client in the future.

Feedback from Simon

Could expand on situation a touch.

Proposal lacking some key points, like redesign and increasing awareness, Is mentioned in Goals at end of document would bring into proposal.

Target audience covered well, except no mention of teachers, this is one of their main targets.

No timescale / budget, understand leaving our due to being a Uni project but it is a vital project brief heading.

No mention the client is a charity, summary / situation covers everything but the mention of they are a charity.

Good Job

Feedback from Simon Fraser

Of all the feedback, Simon's was the most critical and therefore, to me, the most useful kind of feedback. I find that critical feedback to me much more informative to me than positive feedback. I can't really critique Des or Chris for this though, as I am as guilt of this as either of them.

Simon points out that I have left out several important points both in terms of the proposals I make as well as important fundamental details about the client.