David Turner

Making the Leap

Spent some time doing some research into domain names this week for my referencing WebApp. As you can imagine there are already quite a few domains already being taken.

The problem with referencing related domains...
The problem with referencing related domains is that the vast majority of the ones you'll want are already taken.

Fortunately I, just this morning whilst waiting for Tim to work down his list of people, found a domain that wasn't taken. http://referenceit.co in particular was the domain that I stumbled upon and noted it down as something that I wanted to talk about with Tim.

So Tim and I got to talking about various things regarding my project, as well as some freelance work I recently completed. I'm putting it down to my name being near the bottom of pretty much every alphabetical list. Tim wasn't too sure that a .co domain would really be the best fit for the target audience for my project. Whilst designers, and increasingly Twitter users, are becoming accustomed to .co domains, many of the people that comprise my target audience may look at the same domain and assume that it's a typo, that the domain should be a .com.

As a result I ran a quick search on the site I was on to see what else there was on offer, using referenceit as the basis of the search. The end result of this is that I'm now the proud owner of the domain http://referenceit.org (which currently redirects users to my DES511 Learning Logs) along with some hosting from the fellows over at BigWetFish.

Looks like I'm getting the ball rolling on this Project already. Expect a few more posts over the coming days covering some of the other bits I've been cooking up regarding my project, including such exciting things as Brain Storming (aka Thought Showering), Mind Mapping and some more experimentation.